Home Top 10 Here’s how to get the iPhone SE 2022 for less than half price

Here’s how to get the iPhone SE 2022 for less than half price

Here’s how to get the iPhone SE 2022 for less than half price


If you want an Apple smartphone for under £200 that promises years of updates then you need to seriously consider this Giffgaff deal.

You can currently nab a refurbished iPhone SE 2022 handset in ‘good’ physical condition from just £189 on Giffgaff. 

Giffgaff explains the ‘good’ condition on all its refurbished phones has a chance of light scratches on the screen and no more than five deep blemishes on the body. If you’d prefer an iPhone SE handset with no visible scratches whatsoever then a ‘like new’ model is still a bargain at just £219.

You can currently get an iPhone SE (2022) from under £200

Get a refurbished iPhone SE 2022 in ‘good’ condition for just £189 on Giffgaff. If you’d prefer a scratch-free handset, then nab a ‘like new’ condition at just £219 instead.

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Regardless of the physical condition, all Giffgaff refurbished phones are cleaned and tested to ensure they are in 100% working condition.

Running on Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, which is also found in the iPhone 14, the iPhone SE boasts up to 1.2x faster graphics than the A13, a long-lasting 15-hours of battery life and 5G streaming support. 

If you’re fed up with the ever-growing size of smartphones then the dinky 4.7-inch iPhone SE is perfect for you. Despite its smaller size, the SE 2022 still features a retina HD display so your videos, images and games can all be viewed in an impressively high resolution. 

The SE is also durable too with an aluminium glass front and back and IP67 rating which means it’s dust and water resistant.  

It’s worth noting that with this Giffgaff deal, you will need to include a £10 SIM with your purchase. This is flexible however and can be cancelled immediately after ordering the handset, so you won’t incur any future costs after that. 

We awarded the iPhone SE four-stars, with Editor Max Parker noting that “Apple updates its phones for years with security patches and new feature drops and it should be the same story here. With that A15 chipset inside and plenty of RAM, this is a phone that will outlast many similar priced options.”

If you want a pocket-friendly handset with a great camera and access to the iOS ecosystem, starting at under £200, then you really can’t get much better than this iPhone SE 2022 with Giffgaff.


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