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Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Ultra’ may have been confirmed

Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Ultra’ may have been confirmed


The prospects of an Ultra variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may have improved after the emergence of model number combination often associated with premium Samsung phones.

A new report associates the model number “SM-F958″ with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which is scheduled to arrive next summer.

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There are a couple of things to take from GalaxyClub‘s report. For starters, previous models have ended in a 6. The Fold 4 carried the model number SM-F936, while the Fold 5 went under the number SM-946.

Thus it’d make sense for the Fold 6 to be called SM-956. Still with us? Good.

As 9to5Google points out Samsung has used the number 8 to signify Ultra devices as recently in this year. The S24 Ultra has the model number SM-S928, while the S24 Plus carried the SM-S926 model number.

So, it would make absolutely perfect sense for a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra to carry the purported model number.

There is one small caveat to the report. So far the model number is only showing up in South Korea. It’s unlikely to be exclusive to that nation if it does arrive, but it’s probably best not to put all your eggs in a Galaxy Z Fold Ultra basket just yet.

If it does arrive, it’ll likely to be alongside a new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the forthcoming Galaxy Ring. Samsung generally launches these devices in late July at an Unpacked Event.

For a while it appeared if Samsung was preparing a cheaper version of the Galaxy Z Fold series to lower the entry level for its flagship foldable.

However, an Ultra could potentially put the price up more. It may also be that the standard Z Fold 6 will now be cheaper and the Ultra model retain the current top price.


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