Home Politics Former Staffers Obliterate “Delusional” Rep. Nancy Mace

Former Staffers Obliterate “Delusional” Rep. Nancy Mace

Former Staffers Obliterate “Delusional” Rep. Nancy Mace


Former staffers are talking about the toxic office environment maintained by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), which includes calling staffers at midnight on Christmas Eve to demand to know why she wasn’t on TV more during the holidays.

The Daily Beast reported:
“Nancy is delusional as a boss,” the former staffer continued. “She says nothing publicly without her consultants or senior staffers telling her to, but takes credit for everything. She’s a walking teleprompter.”

The former staffer added that Mace “has no idea what it actually means to be a member of Congress and is too scared and self-conscious to deal with other people, so she accomplished nothing.”

Another senior staffer recalled how Mace called them close to midnight on Christmas Eve and demanded to know why she wasn’t getting on TV more during the holiday week.

It’s Christmas. Nancy Mace wasn’t on TV over the holidays because most people weren’t paying attention to politics, much of the cable news programming was either guest hosts or taped, and the last thing America needed with its holiday celebrations was Nancy Mace.

Rep. Mace also requires her staff to book her on television 1-3 times a day, and all of her staffers have to compose her tweets.

Mace is a textbook example of what is wrong with the House Republican majority. Nancy Mace seems to want to be in Congress to be famous. She is using her taxpayer-funded job, staff, and office not to govern but to pursue fame. George Santos was expelled from Congress and apparently was not as toxic to his staff as Mace.

Since November 2023, Rep. Mace has had her entire office staff quit or be fired. The one staffer who was fired is now going to primary her in 2024.

Nancy Mace should not be in Congress. She is part of an entire group of House Republicans, and there are some on the Democratic side of the aisle, too, who are more interested in celebrity than doing the job that their constituents sent them to do.

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