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Courteney Cox On Aging: Her Beauty Hacks, Exercise Tips & More



Courteney Cox’s kitchen currently smells like a fresh herb garden. 

“I love to cook,” the actress and founder of Homecourt tells me over Zoom. It’s why she wanted her newest fragrance collection, the limited edition Mandarin Basile, to smell of bright summer fare: sparkling citrus, spiced ginger, and delicate, Egyptian basil. “Coming into the kitchen smelling basil… I love that,” she shares. 

In addition to her commitment to culinary arts, she plays tennis twice a week, she practices Pilates, she plays piano, and the list goes on. Cox never stops! “I’m only sitting down because I’m doing this interview,” she laughs. 

An active lifestyle is an integral part of her healthy aging routine—not just the physical movement that gets her heart pumping but also the creative ventures that fulfill her spirit. Everything is skin care, you might have heard us declare once or twice, and your favorite pastimes are totally part of a top notch beauty routine. Joy (whatever that looks like for you) truly makes your skin glow for the long haul. 

Ahead, discover everything else Cox enjoys these days, including her minimalist makeup must-haves, sun care tips, and high-tech beauty tools—plus, the importance of a youthful mindset. 


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