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Coco & Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub — Save 50% This Weekend



If you shuddered at the thought of treating your scalp with a harsh, coarse scrub, fear not. Like every Coco & Eve product we’ve tried, this one is formulated to be gentle and soothing. 

One look at the reviews and it’s no surprise this best-selling scrub has skin care lovers flocking to it (the scalp is an extension of your skin, after all). 

The deeply hydrating formula uses coconut oil for moisture and peppermint oil to sooth. It’s also infused with caffeine, which is meant to strengthen the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. 

The exfoliation comes from volcanic ash and coconut shell, which gently brush away flakes and dead skin, promoting cell regeneration, while pineapple and salicylic acid break down oil and buildup.

But what people are really writing home about is how quickly this scalp scrub bears results. The fresh, cooling sensation is immediate, and the mere act of cleansing your scalp is surprisingly satisfying in itself. 

Those with itchy scalps and dandruff can’t believe the difference one quick scrub makes. Not only are the flakes and discomfort gone, their hair looks and feels significantly softer, healthier, and bouncier.

A precursor to shampoo, this scrub makes washing your hair feel completely different. Per reviewers, the shampoo lathers way more and leaves no buildup whatsoever. 

One reviewer who had never used a scalp scrub before swears this refreshing treatment is life-changing (a common theme amongst hundreds of reviews), touting significant hair growth and a revitalized, no longer sensitive scalp. Others say the post-use feeling is indescribable and that their scalp has never been the same.


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