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Black Friday’s come early with Tapo’s robot vacuum deals


Even though we’re still a few weeks away from Black Friday officially kicking off, there’s no need to wait as Tapo’s just dropped a handful of bargains on its robot vacuum range.

Starting with the high powered Tapo RV30 Plus, this all-in-one robot vacuum would traditionally set you back £599.99 but by using the code RV30P200 at the checkout it can be yours right now for just £399.99. That’s a huge saving of £200 that’s only made even better when you realise just how much the Tapo RV30 Plus can do.

This premium robot vacuum, with 4200Pa Hyper Suction and a built-in mop, can clean your home thoroughly and independently, giving you more time to spend on the things you love whilst also taking the effort of a tedious chore off your hands completely.

Tapo RV30 Plus with Auto-Empty Dock Deal

Tapo just dropped an unbelievable deal on its premnium robot vacuum, bringing the price down by £200 when you use the code RV30P200.

  • Tapo
  • Use code RV30P200
  • Now £399.99

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Unlike most robot vacuums on the market, the Tapo RV30 Plus goes the extra mile by ensuring that the entire cleaning process is covered, courtesy of the included auto-empty dock. Once the RV30 Plus has completed its circuit, it can automatically deplete all of the dust and debris it’s picked up into the docking bin where it can then be emptied from the disposable 4L bag, making the cleaning process easier than ever.

Of course, as seamless as the auto-emptying feature is, it is just one of many features that sets the RV30 Plus apart from the competition. The vacuum can intelligently adapt its cleaning cycle as it goes, knowing to up the intensity of its suction when it travels over carpets and rugs. The included HEPA filter also helps to remove allergens from the area, which is a huge help for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies.

Any robot vacuum needs to understand where it’s going and when it comes to navigation, the RV30 Plus has it on lock. With the accompanying Tapo app, you can customise the vacuum’s cleaning patterns to suit every facet of your home.


Not only can the RV30 Plus remember the layout of multiple floors within your home, but it can also remember specific requirements for each room which is handy if one area needs a little more attention than the rest.

For instance, you can make sure that the RV30 Plus initiates a higher suction power when travelling through any bedrooms, whilst getting it to engage the mop for a deep clean in the kitchen. It’s impressive stuff and a massive help for anyone who’s lucky enough to have a larger home, particularly if trying to manually vacuum and mop can take up hours of your time.

As high-powered as the RV30 Plus is, it’s not the only robot vacuum discounted in Tapo’s early Black Friday sale. By using the code RV30CB110 at the checkout, you can get the Tapo RV30 for just £289.99 (previously £399.99).

At that price, the RV30 is perfect for anyone who’s tied to a strict budget but still wants to enjoy the benefits of a robot vacuum. Plus, the RV30 comes with many of the same great features found on the RV30 Plus.

Tapo RV30 Robot Vacuum Deal

Tapo RV30 Robot Vacuum Deal

Perfect for those who want a high-end robot vacuum for less, this early Black Friday deal on the Tapo RV30 is unmissable.

  • Tapo
  • Use code RV30CB110
  • Now £289.99

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On top of the high-powered 4200Pa Hyper Suction, the RV30 also benefits from Alexa and Google Assistant connectivity so if you have a smart speaker in your home that uses any of those digital assistants, you can initiate a clean just by saying a voice command aloud.

If you spend most of your day at the office however, you can set the RV30 to a schedule ahead of time so that it can clean your home just before you wake up, or even as you’re heading home on the commute. Whatever your schedule looks like, you can make sure that the RV30 works to suit your needs.

Regardless of which Tapo robot vacuum you go for, you can be sure of getting a fantastic deal with each of them. Just make sure to use the aforementioned promo codes to nab yourself the full available discount while it’s still available.

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