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Apple AirTags have their first big price drop in ages

Apple AirTags have their first big price drop in ages


Amazon is offering a rare price drop on the Apple AirTags 4-pack.

From what we can see, this Apple AirTags 4-pack hasn’t had its price discounted since early this year. Now, however, Amazon is selling it for £95, which is a saving of 20% on the £119 RRP.

It’s not technically marked up as a Black Friday deal, but you can bet your bottom dollar that this price cut has been made with the huge sales event in mind.

Save 20% on the Apple AirTag 4-pack

Amazon is selling the Apple AirTag 4-pack at a rare 20% discount.

In case you totally missed one of the most widely useful product launches of recent years, the Apple AirTag is a potent tracker that can be attached (via any number of lanyards and holders) or inserted into any object or bag.

It can then be tracked down with fine-tuned precision using any Apple device, or via any web browser. It’s an absolute godsend if you’re someone who frequently loses their keys, while it’s also an invaluable security measure for your holiday luggage, bike, or car.

Just Google Apple’s tracker, and you’ll find that it’s been key to tracking down and retrieving any number of stolen goods around the world.

We awarded the Apple AirTag 4 out of 5 in our review, calling it “a handy, well made device that makes it quick and easy to track down your keys when they get caught behind the cushions of your sofa”.

It ties in excellently with iOS and the vast Find My network, while its Precision Finding system feels faintly magical. Snag this 4-pack, and you’ll be up and running for all your keys and bags in no time.


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